A Valentine’s Day Card

I don’t normally post stuff like this but I think the world should be privy to this beauty.

We get stuff in the mail all the time. Life changing letters from all over the world. People sharing their stories. People sharing our story. Some people write to encourage and some people write to be encouraged. They are all wonderfully meaningful, and awe inspiring. Some of them are light hearted, and some are heavy, and we love them all. Story swapping has been one of the richest priveleges that God has brought into our lives through Pearl.

One such card writer is an 83 year old lady from St. Louis, MO. Ruth and I both grin when we see her return address on the outside of an envelope. She has written a few times, and each time she grabs our hearts. We’ve never met, but her cards are some of the sweetest, most encouraging correspondences we receive. I’ve removed her name for privacy sake, but I have to share this with you all. You may have to click the picture to enlarge it. Enjoy.

Blurred Card



7 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Card

  1. Thanks for sharing that sweet Valentines! I pray that your family has a very Blessed day! Keeping your sweet Pearl & family in my thoughts & prayers!

  2. Pearl has touched so many lives in ways you may never be privee to! Maybe that has been His plan all along. To bring so many transfers together who have one common goal; praying for healing and a miracle for Pearl! I know I have been changed because if all of you!!

  3. How wonderful it will be to meet Pearl’s great big Family when we all get HOME! This precious lady will be one of the many who are prayer warriors for Pearl and her family that have touched me and that I look forward to knowing on the other side of the cross.

  4. beautiful. full of hope and a great reminder that our Father uses people all throughout their lives. i am smiling too! w/love, kandre

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