A Beautiful Success!

A Beautiful Success!

Surgery was a success. She had an amazing team of folks working with her, and she came off the ventilator within minutes after the procedure. Praise God for another milestone! At this point, she has been tolerating pedialyte but is having a lot of seizures. That may just be her response to pain, but please be praying that her body will calm down soon. Thank you for continuing to pray this sweet girl through life.


21 thoughts on “A Beautiful Success!

  1. Oh, I’m so absolutely THRILLED! I’ll continue praying for you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter, your story, and yourselves.

  2. Praise God, our Healer, Chief Surgeon and Strong Tower!!! Beautiful Angel, my prayers are with you and your courageous parents! Sending you Blessings from Arizona!

  3. That is super wonderful news!! Praise God!! We will continue to pray for Pearl, for the seizures to be put under control and all! She is such a blessing! I always love seeing the pictures of her, she puts a smile on my face! We will be praying for you, her precious parents as well!!

  4. So over the moon and happy that God has His powerful hand on on your baby girl, she and you are an inspiration. I pray that her seizures go away and that she is not in pain, Amen XXxxx

  5. Hooray and congrats! Now we can see her whole sweet face! : ) I know she must be much more comfortable, too. By the way, comfort is important in development for a kid with medical issues (probably repeating what someone on her team told you, but still.)

  6. Congratulations little one. I work with lots of children with PEGS. This will make life richer for you and your family. Sending much love and energy to you my sweetness!

  7. THANK YOU, LORD! for the successful surgery. Praying that the seizures would stop and for quick recovery from surgery. Love to baby Pearl and the family, from Saskatchewan, Canada.

  8. Thank you Lord for your continued loving hand on baby Pearl. Those blue eyes are so beautiful. Praying for strength, comfort and rest for all of you.

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  10. what a beautiful little angel! Your story has touched my soul. As a first time mother, of a now 9 month old, I can’t imagine what you have gone through. What I do know is you have a gorgeous daughter, who is strong and who is here to teach us all a very valuable lesson in life. Pearl, I don’t know you, but your story and pictures have made me cry tears of sadness, and joy. You are a gift, and I know I’m going to hug my little girl a little tighter tonight. Bless you beautiful girl. xoxox

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