“Hey, Negative Nancies… Step off!”

Last night in her family’s living room, little Pearl Joy Brown did this:

pearl pushups

Yes, that would be Baby Pearl pushing herself up from a lying down position and staying that way for a solid minute (an item close to the top of the “Things Pearl Should Not Be Able to Do” list).

The nurse gasped. Ruth and Eric gasped. All of Twitter gasped.

If Pearl could speak, I’m pretty sure the moment would have gone something like this:

booyahYou tell ’em, Pearl.


46 thoughts on ““Hey, Negative Nancies… Step off!”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! God has a way of making miracles happen! Faith and love will sustain Pearl and when he is ready he will take this angel. However, it looks like he is using her to say “See what I can do and will do, if only you BELIEVE and have FAITH” You have a beautiful baby girl and she is doing all God wants her to do!God bless you and your whole family!

    • Thanks, Liz! For the record, Pearl’s team of doctors has been incredibly supportive. But you’re right – they are definitely baffled by little Pearl. 🙂

  2. Way to go, little girl! This just put a few tears in my eyes and a huge smile on my face…just made my day. A complete stranger, but I as so proud of you! You are one blessed little girl, and I know you have an incredibly happy and proud mommy and daddy! Our God is truly the amazing and wonderful God! (So glad you had the camera nearby! Thank you for sharing!)

  3. Hey way to go Pearl! Before we all know it you’ll be crawling. She seems to know exactly what she is doing. She’s a smart little “cupcake”!

  4. God is good all the time! All the time God is good!!! Hallelujah and Praise the Lord! I am soo glad she is defying all that is against her in this world! To God be the Glory! Thank You Jesus for answering prayer! Let her light shine O Lord, let her life be a testimony of your goodness and grace, In Jesus Name! AMEN

  5. So stinking cool! This little girl rocks! What a gift God has shared with the Browns and the world!  Thanks for the post!


  6. Please tell her we all think she is a beautiful clever little girl, she makes me cry and laugh all at the same time. One minute in that position is astounding, may God continue to pour out His blessings on little Pearl showing us all how great He is! XXx

  7. God is so awesome!  I pray for her often and am soooo very hopeful he is going to do miracles in her life.  As we see here, he already is. Love all the posts.


  8. “God works on mysterious ways his wonders to perform”.

    I did not realize (mostly b/c I haven’t had time to read all the posts or didn’t take it in). That Pearl Joy is blind: to me she always appears focused on someone or thing. Perhaps the sound of your voices?

    Whatever the reason “you go girl” and “good work” to Pearl Joy”.

    We hold you all in our hearts and prayers,


    • We don’t know if she can see or not. The eye doctors say one of her eyes is not formed properly, but it’s pretty hard to test it’s functionality on a child so young. Especially when they sleep through the exam! We think she can see something just by the way she moves her eyes and responds to us. This is another of the things we’ll just have to wait and see…

      • With respect to Pearl Joy’s eyes, Ruth, firstly, thank you for giving me the accurate facts, and secondly, where there’s hope and faith, there is the possibility of. To my mind, I am convinced that she is seeing something … Don’t know what but she just seems too intent for it to be random!
        Keeping the faith,

  9. Thank you Ruth and Eric for allowing me to be a part of Pearl’s team. I feel so blessed to have been there that day. I hope to get to work with ya’ll again soon. In the mean time, keep rockin on Pearly girl 😉

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