Happy Sweet 16, Pearl!

This morning at 12:07 AM, Pearl Joy Brown turned 16 weeks old! Prayer updates are below, but first let’s take a moment to celebrate the beautiful life of this baby girl. Sweet Pearl, you are indeed a joy and a blessing.

The last weeks have been fairly peaceful for the Browns. There have been birthday parties and trips to the park, ordinary family outings and even a Sunday at church as a family. Pearl has done so well, and there have been no hospital visits in well over a month. Praise God!

This past week little Pearl had an ear infection, but she weathered it well and is once again fever-free. Her seizure activity and restlessness are up some since the infection. Please pray with us that these will subside so that she and her family can rest well.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of precious Pearl and her family. As Thanksgiving approaches, please know that we (friends of the Browns) and the Browns themselves are thanking God for you.

A post-fever sleeping beauty.

Brother Brennan rockin’ the bike, sans training wheels.

Sister Abbey, being awesome.