A Call for Prayer: October 6th


After two days in the ER, Pearl has been admitted to Vandy with frequent (nearly incessant) seizure activity. Please take a moment to pray for her health and for the medical staff.

Please also pray for Ruth, Eric, Brennan and Abbey. The stress of recent weeks has taken its toll on the Brown household, and the kids have exhibited more sadness of late. As they focus on Pearl’s care, Ruth and Eric are weighted by the difficult balance of parenting the older kids as well. Pray that God’s grace would overwhelm them, that it would move beyond a thought into a feeling that penetrates the deepest places of their hearts.

Thank you, as always, for loving this family well. Thank you for interceding on their behalf before the Father. Your prayers mean so much.




10 thoughts on “A Call for Prayer: October 6th

  1. oh friends. our prayers are with you in vandy. praying even now that God’s presence would invade that hospital and peace would fill the halls and cover baby Pearl and the whole Brown family. xoxo

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you precious little Pearl and your family. May God wrap his arms around you all and keep you close.

  3. My prayers are with Pearl Joy and to this loving family. God please watch over them and comfort them. I will continue to keep the prayers going. God bless.

  4. Your family has been in my prayers since miss pearl was brought to my attention, I pray that god is with the brown family thru such a hard time. That god works wonders threw the doctors and nurses hands while in their care!! Let love and peace fill your hearts! Always In our prayers!

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