A long list of praises

It’s been another full two weeks for Baby Pearl and family.

Last Friday, Pearl celebrated her 8-week birthday! Also, shortly following their last NICU stay, the Browns got approval for part-time in-home nursing care. The nurse is a huge blessing to Ruth & Eric, assisting them in Pearl’s life care plan and even allowing them time to occasionally do household chores, errands and even sleep! Pearl has also begun therapy which is, in Eric’s words, the anti-hospice. Praise God! She is tolerating her nasal stint much better now and is breathing with much more ease because of it.

Pearl is becoming quite the little celebrity, spreading news of God’s goodness in a way no one could have dreamed. Just last week, a local Nashville news channel featured Pearl’s story. You can view the video here. Your Letters to Pearl (which can be found here and here) were another beautiful way God is using this tiny girl to share hope with so many. Thank you for sharing your heart in words.

We are also overjoyed to report that, thanks to your generous gifts to the ChipIn account and via mail, the goal for the Van Fund has been met! THANK YOU for contributing to this effort and spreading the word to others. The Browns are in shopping mode now for their new-to-them van, and we will update with a photo as soon as they get their new wheels. They are blown away by your kindness and generosity. Thank you for caring for them in this way.

Please continue to pray for Pearl, Ruth, Eric, Brennan & Abbey. Cold and flu season is a particularly worrisome because those common illnesses can be fatal for children with Pearl’s condition. Please pray that God will continue to protect Pearl from illness, as well as the rest of the Brown family. Please pray for rest and patience for Ruth and Eric as they care for all three of their young children.

Thanks be to God for his good gifts!

8 weeks!

hangin’ out

bath time



11 thoughts on “A long list of praises

  1. What a beautiful post! It’s so nice to see the 8 week birthday party. 🙂 Your gorgeous little girl and whole family are in my prayers. Love to all from over here in Scotland. Your precious story is helping over here too! xxx

  2. Josh and I have been praying for y’all constantly, and I praise the Lord for these precious days He has given you with beautiful baby Pearl! I just read the tweet that she has gone back into the ER. I just read Psalm 3: “But You, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head. I cried aloud to the Lord and He answered me from His holy hill. I lay down and slept; I woke again, for the Lord sustained me.” I thank the Lord that He is hearing our prayers, and trust that He will sustain you, your precious family, and Pearl! Love you guys!

    • What a perfect scripture for our family! Over and over again we have cried out to the Lord, and he always answers us! We lay down and sleep because we have to, and sometimes we are a bit surprised at how he has continued to sustain us when we all wake up. Thank you for your continued love and prayers and for sharing this sweet passage.

  3. I see it……… She is absolutely perfect. What a precious gift lots of prayers for your little miracle 🙂 p.s. I wasn’t ever supposed to be able to walk and was supposed to be mentally retarded. My IQ is average I walked at 2 and I am a nurse married with 5 kids. Doctors dk it all keep your faith!

  4. May God continue to bless Pearl and your whole family. Many people do not believe that she can be one of God’s wonderful gifts but I have no doubt in my mind she was meant to be here! She is quite the present wrapped in pure love and a red(hair) bow:)

  5. To the Brown Family,,,, children,,,, especially Pearl…. I just read your story, and I think it changed me forever…. You are a beautiful family, and you have GOD all about you… HE couldn’t have chosen better people to bless Pearl upon….. you are unselfishly sharing your story and touching even the most hardened hearts….. Thank you for bringing her into this world to be exactly what she was born to be…. A little miracle that reminds us what life it really about…. LOVE…. and you give a new meaning to that word in my eyes…

    How lucky you are to all have each other…. It’s been a pleasure reading all about you….

    Love,,, Kathy Agustsson

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