Letters to Pearl from Ruth, Brennan & Abbey

As we wrap up this week of your beautiful Letters to Pearl, there are three very important letters left to share — from Pearl’s mama, Ruth, and from her brother and sister, Brennan & Abbey. Thank you for sharing your hearts this week, friends. The Browns are so very grateful.

* * * * * * * *

Ruth’s Letter to Pearl

Sweet Pearly Girl,

I started praying for you when you were just a twinkle in my eye – when your dad & I realized someone was missing from our family. I was so excited when I found out you were growing in my belly! Two weeks later, we had an ultrasound for an early pregnancy study I was participating in. You measured smaller than they thought you should, and your heart was not beating. It should have started just a few days before. The doctors weren’t sure if you were just a few days younger than I thought or if you were already gone. I was devastated and confused. I cried out to our Father. I was afraid to hope. A week later we went back. Your heart was beating strong! And your dad and my hearts leapt for joy! It was days before Christmas and our family’s celebration of the miracle baby King was sweeter knowing that you were with us.

You grew, and a few months later, as I sat on our couch, I finally felt you move inside me. Again, I could hardly contain my excitement, my joy. I called your dad to tell him the news. It was proof that you lived inside me still! Our ultrasound would be in just a week, and it was reassuring to know you were doing ok. I am thankful for that week I thought everything was great before the time that was so hard. The next week would change my life forever.

The next week we had our ultrasound. The technician told us you were a girl and pointed out your beating heart. Your dad and I smiled at each other. She didn’t tell us much more and sent us to the midwife. After a long wait, the midwife finally came in to see us and started crying. She told us what the technician wasn’t allowed to – our baby girl was not ok. You had a condition she didn’t know much about, but told us you wouldn’t live. We were all heartbroken. We were all devastated and confused. How could this be? She sent us on to someone who should know more.

Baby, the great Physician knew more than all the specialists we met with. He knew more than the other parents we wrote to. He knew because He made you the way He wanted. He had already planned your life. He knew that sometimes the most humble ones could teach the most profound lessons. And teach the world you have! Lots of people say their faith in your Creator has grown. They say He did a miracle. Lots of people say they have learned to accept His will more gracefully, that they learned to love each other more fully. I am learning to trust him through difficulty, to be thankful for everything, to rest in his provision.

Sweet girl, I pray that you can feel how much everyone loves you. Do you know that’s what all the hugs and kisses and googly eyes mean? Practically everyone who meets you falls head over heels for you, even people who have just read about you. I pray that you know that more than how difficult your life has been. I pray that our love comforts you when you seize or have trouble breathing.

Brennan & Abbey love you a lot, too. They do their best to help Daddy & I take care of you. They give you all the kisses we’ll allow before we get worried about too many germs. They sing you songs. They’re learning a lot about God. We talk quite a bit about heaven and how great it will be when we’re all there together one day. It will be better to be where no one is sick and we can run and not get tired and there aren’t any tears. Brennan wonders if we can have a big celebration when we’re all there and maybe throw cupcakes. I think that sounds like a great idea! We may not get to feel you hug our necks, kiss our cheeks, or hear you tell us you love us until we get to heaven. I hope the waiting will not be too hard.

Pearl, you’re special. I’m glad God gave you to our family, that He said yes to so many of our requests. I’m thankful for your sweet bright red hair – I think God gave it to you just for fun – and your big beautiful blue eyes. I’m glad I get to take care of you and kiss your cheeks and share you with the world. I’m glad He will help us through all the times we might be sad or confused or hurt or think that this life is hard. I’m thankful we’re all learning more about Him.

I think God helped us pick a very fitting name for you. You are a treasure to me. Your sweet life is formed around an illness but shows beauty to all. You have helped me find lasting deep satisfaction in the Lord. You are my precious daughter, Pearl Joy Brown, and I love you.


* * * * * * * *

Brennan’s Letter to Pearl

Dear Pearl,

I love you so much, I don’t even know how much. I’m glad you’re my sister. I like kissing you and hugging you and giving you lovin’s. I hope we get to see each other in heaven whenever we want, and that we get to run whenever we want, and that we get to play games. Running games, cause we’ll be able to run without getting tired.
I think you are too sweet!

~ Brennan.

* * * * * * * *

Abbey’s Letter to Pearl

Hi Pearly Girly,

I always love you so much. I like to hold you a lot. I hope I get to see you in heaven. Jesus is our best friend.

~ Abbey.


4 thoughts on “Letters to Pearl from Ruth, Brennan & Abbey

  1. Ruth,
    Thank you for your letter. You and Eric have shown Christ-likeness through this all. Thank you for that too. It has been amazing to watch God work in your lives. How He has shaped and molded you two. How He has been there every step of the way, guiding and answering prayers, granting peace and wisdom and strength.
    Also please tell Abbey and Brennan thank you for their letters to. They too are being shaped and strengthened by all this. And they too are precious, oh so precious!
    I love you Ruth. I love you Brennan and Abbey!

  2. What beautiful letters for such a very beautiful girl. I think your mommy could write a book as good as The Jesus Storybook Bible! Reading your mommy and your Brennan and Abby’s words makes me smile. On the inside too.
    And seeing your pictures is amazing. I remember the night at the hospital when you were wee little and all wrapped up, like in one of your pictures. Your daddy handed you to me, just like that.
    What a surprise and gift and privilege and answer to prayer to get to hold you, little one. Little one who is the subject of much prayer. Little one who, every time I read about you, amazes me. Little one who confirms for me God is good, He hears and loves and knows His children. He knows just what He’s doing even if I don’t understand all the ‘whys’. And you, dear Pearl, are a magnificent teacher of just that. with love, Ms. Kandre

  3. To the Browns:

    I chanced upon your story at the Families for HoPE. And I just want you to know that miles and miles away, a baby boy was also born just like little pearl, And he is my baby boy. His name is Felix Gracione. He was born July 7, and on Aug 6 he had been brought up in heaven and celebrated his new life as an angel there. His human body had a small body but a big head for he had hydrocephalus and a heart problem. My husband and I enjoyed our one month with him. We love him and miss him so much. He faught for his life but God said graci( as we call him) can only stay for a while. We would have wanted him to stay longer but that was not God’s design. He is a miracle too. Just like your little Pearl. I hope you don’t mind me sharing our story. I just find it a miracle that miles and miles away, 2 different families, one from the US and one from the Philippines are experiencing God’s little miracles. To pearl, I am so proud and happy to have met you here through your parents letters. When it is time to have Your birthday in heaven, look for graci. He’s probably reading this note and seeing your photos and remembering your lovely face and he will be there to play with you. To the browns: I am sure that Pearl is truly a miracle. Her time on earth will be so filled with meaning and each meaning will unravel to you what God wants you to know. Here in Manila my hubby and I are truly blessed we had Graci. He changed our lives and brought our families so close to one another. Anyway, thank you for sharing pearl to us. God bless you!

  4. All I can say is, “Wow, Eric Brown”! You wanted to be famous when you left Rocky Mount, and here it is! God has a beautiful plan for you and your amazing love for God with your family. I am so proud of who you have become, my friend. I will be praying for you and your family along Pearl’s journey.


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