My letter to Pearl: Who knew?

Sweetest Pearl,

How do I begin this letter to you, little soul who has fostered such growth in my relationship with God? How do I explain the ways in which His power in your life profoundly affect my spiritual walk, making my path straighter each time your name passes my lips in prayer? Words fail me and seem ineffective to convey the impact you’ve had on me and countless others.

And yet, words are exactly what drew me into your story, into your life—the words of our Father through your father. I wept and prayed over each email your dad sent, as he and your mom wrestled with the possibility of your death. Every line describes a depth of faith to which I can only aspire and recalls truths of God’s sovereignty, love, and hope that I lose sight of in any given moment. In early June, I received a message about you that changed me forever, a passage of which reads:

She, like the rest of us, will never cease to exist. There will come a time, maybe 10,000 years from now when we are all still existing for eternity, that her short life will seem no shorter than the rest of ours. In light of eternity, there’s not much difference between a 15-hour life and a life of 90 years. It’s all very brief. Her life doesn’t matter any less just because most of it will have been lived inside a womb. Her impact is no less either, if you will allow yourself to be changed.

At the time, your mom and dad still believed your time on earth would be only hours long and were “grabbing at straws with the hopes that Pearl’s life matters to others.” That email ended with a plea, “Be changed, be awkward, be uncomfortable, have a sleepless night or two, but by all means don’t close your eyes and wait for the ride to be over.”  God spoke to me through those lines. He told me to put on a show for you.

After some prayer and conversation with your mom and dad, that’s exactly what I set about doing—planning a celebration of your life. And it wasn’t long before the Nashville community joined in the effort. Stellar musicians donated their talents, friends contributed their time and resources, and many, many people lifted prayers for your family. Your blog arose in the process, and so the community widened. The words through which God called me into a simple act of obedience now touch lives of people you and I will likely never know. That is the power of your story, through which God is doing amazing things.

Ten days after the show, your life outside the womb began, and now, some six weeks later, I marvel at the miracle you are. In the moments I have the privilege of holding you, I remember again those truths about God’s sovereignty, love, and hope. I am thankful to have been called into your story, honored to link arms with your parents, and humbled to join the myriad prayers lifting your name up to heaven.

I am more grateful, compassionate, and patient for knowing you. Thank you for teaching me to be more like Jesus.



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