Letters to Pearl: a collective tale of hope

In the six weeks since her birth, Baby Pearl has made quite an impact on the world around her. In addition to her family and East Nashville community, Pearl’s story is being followed friends and strangers around the country and beyond. (Though it is true that with the help of blogs and Twitter, they don’t feel like strangers for long.)

Throw in a beautifully written article in last week’s Washington Times — that was then syndicated on several prominent sites — and it seems little Pearl is already changing the world. Pretty amazing.

Letters to Pearl {a collective tale of hope} provides a way for Pearl’s friends, new & old, to share her story with their world and to tell others, including the Brown family themselves, what knowing Pearl means to them. We would love for you to participate!

There are three ways to share your Letter to Pearl:

1. Publish your letter on your blog or web site. Link your post to this one via the “Click here to enter” link at the bottom. *Please link directly to the post with your letter in it (not to your blog’s homepage). The link-up will remain open until Friday, Sept 14, at 11:59PM.

2. Publish your letter as a note on Facebook. Post the note on your own Wall/Timeline, then copy/paste the note as a Wall post on the Letters to Pearl event page HERE.

3. Mail your letter to Pearl. Send your handwritten letter or a copy of your published letter to:
Letters to Pearl
c/o Eric or Ruth Brown
PO Box 160083
Nashville, TN 37216

Thank you for sharing your part of Pearl’s story.

Click here to enter your link and view the Letters to Pearl link-up list…


One thought on “Letters to Pearl: a collective tale of hope

  1. II have started a page supporting parents and family/friends of children who have terminal birth defects. My daughter was declared incompatible with life at 19 weeks and that diagnosis changed our worlds. The definitions used with terminal defects are inaccurate for many of the infants. Some are living days, weeks, months and years past birth. We are trying to get support to have the definition changed from incompatible with life to fatal defects. We are not pushing political views or pro or anti abortion only a definition change for our children. If you would support us in any way here is our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/EndincompatibilityWithLife

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