Baby Pearl is back in the NICU

Hi Friends,

After some inspiring conversations on Saturday night (one via twitter with a dad of a 10 yr old girl with alobar HPE, and one via phone with the founder of an HPE support organization called HoPE for Families), Ruth and Eric were encouraged to fight for care for Pearl. Since then, she has been readmitted to the NICU at Vanderbilt. Following are bits of correspondence and photos from Eric over the past couple of days:

Yesterday afternoon:
“So thankful for Vanderbilt. We’ve got an amazing team of pros in our backyard. Pearl’s got so much fight and is stable.”

Yesterday: “Pearl is getting an overnight EEG. I’m so grateful they want to figure out what’s going on. They are ready to fight for her.”

And earlier today: “Sweet girl just got fitted with her new EEG helmet. Her brother would be jealous.”

At this point, Ruth has gone home to rest, and Eric is at Vandy with Pearl. The EEG will last until tomorrow morning, after which they will evaluate what comes next.

As always, thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for positive and effective medical staff, for Pearl’s strength and healing, for Eric and Ruth to have wisdom and peace in decision making and rest in between. Please also pray for Brennan and Abigail during this tumultuous and likely confusing time.



7 thoughts on “Baby Pearl is back in the NICU

  1. Your journey is so inspiring! Thank you so much for being in such great encouragement while going through this rough time. I pray for God’s strength and wisdom for the doctors who are in to help her. I have contacted you through twitter to see if you would like for me to have a fundraiser through my Scentsy business. The commission that is made through it will go to you and your family in Pearl’s honor. She is such a strong girl ❤

  2. I just heard about baby Pearl and her amazing story. As a fellow NICU Mom of a baby girl who was born 10 weeks early weighing 2 pounds. We spent 7 weeks in the NICU and were so thankful for the amazing NICU team. I have faith that they will take care of her and she will continue to improve.

    I would like to share this story on my blog if possible? Please let me know.

  3. My church and I are praying for precious little Pearl, her family, and the medical staff taking caring of her! This loving family has captured my heart! Thank you for keeping us posted!

  4. Hello- I just read about Baby Pearl on Her story, your faith and commitment are inspiring! I will add her and you family to my prayers. May God bless all of you!

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