Prayers for the Browns

Hi all,

Yesterday was a tough day for baby Pearl. Later in the day, she began to experience seizure activity that lasted well into the night—she had 50 seizures non-stop before hospice came to administer medication at 1:30am. Pearl is now stable and resting with her mom.

Eric and Ruth said goodbye to their baby numerous times yesterday, when it seemed the end was near, and started really considering and embracing the joy of her being wholly in the presence of Christ. That said, they are struggling with how best to pray for Pearl at this point: “I don’t know if we should ask God to give her strength or if we should just ask him to be merciful towards her. She’s weak and exhausted.” Eric via Twitter last night

Personally, I’m praying for both. It feels a little weird, but I’m asking Him for miraculous healing and for a magnificent homecoming simultaneously, whichever is His will. I am praying for Ruth and Eric to experience more and more fully the peace that passes understanding and to feel His hand on their shoulders as they make difficult decisions. And I am praising Him, thanking him for every moment of Pearl’s life.

However you feel led, please pray for Pearl, Ruth, Eric, Brennan and Abbey.

In Christ,


4 thoughts on “Prayers for the Browns

  1. Our prayers are with all your family. God knows what is best, we don’t always understand His ways, but it’s a comfort knowing He does. We will pray for you to have the peace that passes all understanding.

  2. Ruth, please know that I’m holding you and your family in prayer. May God bless, guide and keep you and bring peace and comfort to you all,
    P. Lohaus

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