Pearl is home!

Eric via twitter: “Sweet Pearl is home. Hospice has set us up with all the gear we need. Our bedroom looks like a hospital room & we couldn’t be more grateful.”

Thank you all for your constant and diligent prayers for the Browns. Please continue to pray for Pearl’s healing, for the transition home to be relatively easy, for Ruth and Eric to have divine guidance in their caregiving.


6 thoughts on “Pearl is home!

  1. We have been praying for your precious family and will continue to do so. It has been a blessing to experience this miracle with you all through the use of technology. Thank you for taking the time to update and post pictures. Please know that God is using your family and your miracle to minister to so many!

  2. Hey, guys! I’ve gotten meet Ruth a couple of times through TVC and MOMS Club, and I just wanted to say hi. I’m overjoyed that Pearl Joy is home with you. What an amazing blessing, and what a beautiful testimony.

  3. Hi Brown family, I’m observing quietly in the background, and so glad to meet Pearl in the virtual world though I missed her in your hospital room last week. She is wonderful! Still praying for you all- for rest, and for Pearl- for constant breathing. Hope to see your faces again soon. Love to all, Laurie

  4. It is such a blessing to know that Pearl is at home and being loved on. So glad that you all are getting to be a family of five and spend precious moments in your own home. We are enjoying celebrating her life with you via Eric’s Tweets. Each time a new picture is posted my girls gather around daddy”s phone to her a peek at the little one they are praying for. Praying that you are blessed with meals and help with the other kids so you can rest and enjoy each moment God has for you and Pearl to spend together. Praying that He continues to grant you more time with her kn your arms.
    Hugs and Prayers
    The Lendas
    Mike, Rachel, Rose, Pearl, Violet, and Ruby

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