Pearl is 2 days old!

Hi Everyone,

I must say, it did my heart good to see sweet Pearl in person yesterday and to hear the details of her birth and care. You should know her delivery was indeed quite easy (Ruth pushed for 20 minutes!) and that she’s scheduled to go home on Monday. More to come on that, but in the mean time:

from Eric via twitter 7/28/12:

“Friends, thanks for allowing us the freedom to continuously share updates with you. We see all the (re)tweets and love that you send though we don’t always to respond. We are blown away by the outpouring of love and privileged to have you walking/praying with us. Thanks for celebrating with us. How miraculous and beautiful the last 2 days have been. She’s almost 48 hrs old! Glory to the Giver of Life!”

and then…

“Last thing. When talking to Brennan about this miracle today he said ‘I didn’t hear him answer yes but I see that he answered yes.’ Amazing.”


10 thoughts on “Pearl is 2 days old!

  1. Praise and prayers for your family and especially for Pearl. She is an inspiration to us all. So precious in His sight and ours.

  2. I’ve never met your family, but am a friend of Erin Metz McDonnell who shared your story and blog with me. You are all very much in my prayers, especially little Pearl. She is beautiful and your family is truly an inspiration. May God bless and keep you all.

  3. Praying for Pearl and your sweet family. She is beautiful and your picture with all of the kids is heartwarming…I could not help but smile along with you. My family and community group are praying for you. We are members of your sisters church Providence Baptist Fellowship.

  4. God is Great! No matter what any Drs say or what any medical terms they use, they have no idea that God created life, created every hair on Pearl’s head and has a plan for her. Truly amazing, words cannot describe the birth of a child of God.
    Ruth and Eric are the strongest spirits out there! We continue to pray for your family, your lovely Pearl and the plan that is out there for you!
    Love love love to you.

  5. Hi guys, you are such an amazing strong family, I have been reading your story and you are truly inspirational, I wish other people would take a leaf out of your books, My prayers are with you, Pearl is beautiful, thoughts and prayers with you all x

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