Pearl is home!

Eric via twitter: “Sweet Pearl is home. Hospice has set us up with all the gear we need. Our bedroom looks like a hospital room & we couldn’t be more grateful.”

Thank you all for your constant and diligent prayers for the Browns. Please continue to pray for Pearl’s healing, for the transition home to be relatively easy, for Ruth and Eric to have divine guidance in their caregiving.


Pearl is 2 days old!

Hi Everyone,

I must say, it did my heart good to see sweet Pearl in person yesterday and to hear the details of her birth and care. You should know her delivery was indeed quite easy (Ruth pushed for 20 minutes!) and that she’s scheduled to go home on Monday. More to come on that, but in the mean time:

from Eric via twitter 7/28/12:

“Friends, thanks for allowing us the freedom to continuously share updates with you. We see all the (re)tweets and love that you send though we don’t always to respond. We are blown away by the outpouring of love and privileged to have you walking/praying with us. Thanks for celebrating with us. How miraculous and beautiful the last 2 days have been. She’s almost 48 hrs old! Glory to the Giver of Life!”

and then…

“Last thing. When talking to Brennan about this miracle today he said ‘I didn’t hear him answer yes but I see that he answered yes.’ Amazing.”

Eric’s most recent update

Baby Pearl update at 4am from Eric on twitter (@ebrown_photo if you want to follow):

“I feel as though I should take advantage of being awake at 3:49am to let you know how Pearl is doing.

She’s doing okay, but continues to have moments when it appears that her brain has forgotten to tell her body to breathe. So far, her body continues to resolve these episodes, though we have been informed that this is what usually proves terminal for HPE babies.

I wish doctors would stop saying that their main goal is to keep her comfortable and to make sure we are happy with what they’ve done. They do have her on a feeding tube and hope to pull her off of the IV today. That’s good news!

Knowing how little effort it takes on his part for God to heal her, yet watching him execute seemingly different plans is so hard. But he has been so good to us. Pearl has been with us outside the womb for over 24 hrs so far! It’s been beautiful and we are so thankful.”

Update on Pearl

Eric described Pearl’s first day like this:  “Pearl’s health is way beyond what we could ever have expected. She is thriving and engaging. It is miraculous. The docs don’t know what to do. They never thought she would make it this far….regardless of what happens from this point forward, we have all witnessed a miracle!”

In a more recent text (8:40pm) he shared: “Good day. Rough start to the night. She’s had a few spells when she stopped breathing for awhile. It’s scary.”

They are now in the NICU at the children’s hospital. Please continue to pray for miraculous healing and for God’s peace and love to supersede their fears.

Update: Baby Pearl is almost here

Hello Friends,

Here’s an update on behalf of the Browns:

Just heard from Ruth that her fluid levels are way down, and they are on the way to the hospital to induce labor.

Please pray for ease of delivery, for Pearl to come out fighting, for peace in decision making, for wisdom and grace in the medical staff, for Brennan and Abbey to feel unconditional love for their baby sister, for God’s overwhelming love to be thick in the delivery room.


Update on Baby Pearl: A Reason for Praise!

This morning, Ruth and Eric headed in for an ultrasound and midwife appointment as a follow up to the drop in Ruth’s amniotic fluid over the last couple of weeks. It’s my pleasure to report that the visit went well: Ruth’s fluid levels are holding and Pearl is stable. No need for an induction on this day–Praise the Lord!

Please continue to pray that Pearl can remain en utero for as long as possible. She’s 37 weeks now, and every additional week from here will foster her physical and neurological growth and strengthen her for delivery. Pray that she will come out fighting. Pray that Ruth and Eric will experience supernatural peace as they await her birth and in all of their decision making. Pray that the Lord will prepare Brennan and Abbey’s hearts, making love and compassion the foremost emotions they’ll experience when they meet their baby sister.