Support the Browns

Pearl Joy Brown is the third child of Ruth and Eric Brown. She is due to enter this world on August 12 and has been diagnosed with alobar holoprosencephaly (HPE), a neural disease with low chances of survival. Ruth is a stay at home mom, raising 2 year old Abigail and 4 year old Brennan. Eric provides for his family by working merch on Christian music tours. All funds raised will help keep Eric home with his family for as long as possible and, in the event of the miracle we’re praying for, help support Pearl’s future medical needs.

If you would like to support the Browns, here are ways you can.

A Celebration for Pearl Benefit Show and Silent Auction

When: July 17-7pm doors, 8pm show
Where: Marathon Music Works
Artists: Jeremy Lister, Griffin House, Leigh Nash, Sandra McCracken, Steve Lee
Cost: Minimum donation of $10 at the door. Give as you feel led. Generous hearts welcome!
Proceeds from show and silent auction will Benefit the Brown family

Or you can give directly to the Browns via Paypal here.


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