A Quilt for Pearl

I’ve been working on a community quilt for Pearl. When there is so much that seems out of our hands (although things never are quite in our control to begin with, are they?) the few things we can plan take on more importance than normal. This quilt is one of those things.

Brennan & Abbey both had several hand-made blankets. And store-bought ones and tons of other baby things. With Pearl, we aren’t having a traditional baby shower and we aren’t asking for baby things. We are prepared with a few basics – I’ve picked out a couple of newborn outfits and a friend has knit her a hat. If we have a miracle and get to bring her home, we can borrow or send family members out for any must-haves. On the flip-side, neither of my other kids were as known and prayed for and asked about than our Pearl. She is drawing our community together and sending our families and friends to their Bibles to see what God says about life and death and trust and strength. Family and friends and strangers have been in prayer for our girl.

So I’ve asked some of these friends and family members to help me make her a quilt. Some have sewn little “pinwheel” blocks and some have written out scripture on other blocks of fabric. These will all be pieced together to make a quilt. It is a tangible way for us each to help do something for Pearl. It is a symbol of the community of love and the truth and strength we find in God’s word. I look forward to having this to wrap her in when she is born. Thank you to everyone who has contributed! It has been so encouraging to read all the verses you’ve sent and the pinwheels are beautiful. I appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into this.

I have room for a few more verses – feel free to send one on if you are so inclined. I’ll have some help piecing and quilting in the next couple of weeks, then I’ll share a photo of it all finished.


~ Ruth.


2 thoughts on “A Quilt for Pearl

    • I did! It’s included in the final quilt. Thanks so much for your help Candace! I’ll try to get a couple of pictures of it all completed posted soon.

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